Things to Know About Koh-Lipe, The Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand

There are so many attractions in Thailand like its culture, food, parties, hospitality. But aside from them, there is one more factor which acts as a tourist magnet for couples families and many people around the world who are on a vacation. That factor is its collection of wonderful islands and beaches, Thai islands are enriched with the beauty of nature. They are the safe shelter of several rare verities of birds, fishes, and greens. With all of them, we are sure you must have discovered about the Koh-Lipe Island. It is placed on the nearest site of Tarutao National Park.

Its geographical location enables it to keep away from the special laws of the national park. At the same time being nearly the same facilitates its guests to view the appeal of nature and wildlife according to their satisfaction. The Koh Lipe Island is all about mesmerizing seashores studded with beautiful limestones and filled with blue-green water.

The approaching airport to Koh Lipe is Hat Yai, Take a flight to Hat Yai from Bangkok. Then get a minibus to Paka Bara and from Paka Bara, you can hire a boat to Koh Lipe. There are so many reliable speedboat services like Andaman boats which provide a reasonable and suitable journey. There are several items you can do in Koh Lipe like searching nearby villages, Scuba diving, Kayaking and give you the world famous Thai Massage. Also, around everywhere in Koh Lipe, you will see the world famous Thai street food.

Three main beaches and boat to Koh Lipe are the tourist’s favourites. The Sunset Beach this wonderful natural spot got this name from the one of a kind evening event that takes place every single night. It’s favourite for couples who need to write their own bestseller love story, and for some aged couples and families as well who require to soak themselves in the charm of nature quietly.

The 2nd beach which is famous over the world for its happening people and not so quite an atmosphere is the Pattaya Beach. While the beach maintains its reputation for the class one party place not only the wild ones that you can get on the Walking Street but also the family friendly as well. It also features attractions for the whole family some of them are-

  • Pattaya Sign and Pattaya viewpoint
  • Art galleries like art in paradise
  • Grand Temple Wat Chaimongkol (it is the heart of many social, cultural and religious events)
  • Fun facts demonstrators like Ripley’s believe it or not, teddy bear museum etc.

Coming down to our 3rd attraction which is the Sunrise Beach, it is located near Chao Ley Village in Koh Lipe. It is the great spot to make you realize that watching the sunrise is also equally mesmerizing as watching the sunset.

However, it is best to visit as the early morning as you would absolutely love to click some photographs of the serene view. Also, don’t overlook to have some enriched street food breakfast nearby.

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